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Is a freelancer or contractor entitled to vacation and maternity or paternity leave?

Free the Freela is the first talent marketplace to offer job opportunities with benefits for freelancers and contractors

We are taught to think that everything is black or white, one thing or the other, that we can have freedom but not stability, that if we want growth we need to give up sustainability, and that for someone to win it is necessary for someone else to lose.

Have you ever seen yourself falling into this logic?

Free The Freela comes to challenge the rules, with the certainty that it is possible to create work relationships that are both fair and cost-effective.

You no longer need to choose, at Free The Freela you can be a freelancer, self-employed or independent talent and still receive benefits.

On the other hand Startups and SMBs, can hire top and vetted talents with great value for money to boost their growth.

What Benefits Does Free The Freela Offer?


The name says it all, doesn't it? The Rest benefit is so you can take a few days off to rest, disconnect, recharge and everything we do when we can take a break.

Parental leave

The Care benefit, on the other hand, was thought for those who are expanding the family, a form of paternity or maternity leave. Through it, mothers and fathers can dedicate themselves to their offspring with peace of mind.

Interested in joining this new world? Come with us to build a job market where everyone wins ;)